Professional Services

THESIS is an easy to use, cloud based solution which can be up and running within a few hours. The system is user-friendly and full training is provided as part of the set-up process.

THESIS manages most typical business processes including document workflow, task and records management as standard.

For more advanced processes that do not exist in the standard edition, we also offer an advanced THESIS roll out. As part of the advanced implementation, we will perform a full audit of your business processes and customise the solution to ensure that it meets your needs.

System implementation

What is included as part of an installation?

System implementation

Standard implementation

  • THESIS is activated in the cloud.
  • Your system administrator and users are given full training on how to use the platform. Training is typically delivered in groups of up to 10 users and can be done onsite or remotely.
  • You will receive ongoing technical support and consultancy for one month after your go-live with THESIS to ensure that the platform is optimised to your suit your business needs.

Advanced implementation

Advanced implementations include everything that you would get with a standard implementation plus a business process audit. This audit enables our team to customise THESIS to your specific business processes.

The auditing process includes:

  • Full evaluation of existing business processes
    A full review of business processes with key stakeholders and drafting of a functional specification.
  • Functional specification and recommendations for discussion and sign-off
    Face-to-face evaluation with your stakeholders to create a specification which details a comprehensive roadmap for required functionality and system capabilities.
  • Customisation and extension of THESIS functionality in line with the approved specification
    Once the specification has been signed off, customisations and extensions will be developed, iterated and tested before rollout.
  • System demonstration of new settings and customisations
    Customisations and extensions will be demonstrated to stakeholders.
  • Maintenance period
    During your maintenance period, your key stakeholders will be able to provide feedback and test the new customisations and functionality.
  • User training
    Onsite training is given to your users on both the out of the box THESIS features and business-specific extensions.
  • System migration
    Legacy data from multiple systems can be migrated to THESIS.

Technical support

Technical support

We offer various levels of technical support including tailored individual plans if required.

Services include:

  • Telephone, email and Skype support
  • System advice and best practice consultancy
  • System administration and configuration
  • Database optimisation
  • Analysis of user actions and recommendations for optimal system use
  • Designing and refining reports using Reports wizard

Further development and customisation