Document Management System

Document management

THESIS ECM brings all your documents and content together in one place so your staff can access them safely, securely and on the go.

Organisations need to manage an increasing number of documents and data whilst adhering to compliance regulations to ensure the security of that data. At the same time, documents need to be easily searchable and accessible to staff across the business to reduce wasted admin time and in turn, increase efficiency and productivity.

Organisations across the globe are using THESIS to:

  • Access critical documents on the go via the web or the THESIS mobile app
  • Securely and compliantly store data, minimising your risk of data loss or leaked information by setting unique permissions for users, integrated into to your Windows Active Directory system
  • Give managers visibility of the entire lifecycle of a document from conception through to process and storage
  • Share and collaborate more effectively across teams in multiple locations
  • Search for documents quickly and easily in the central repository to reduce unproductive time in the office
  • Save on paper and physical storage space by digitising documents

With THESIS you'll be able to:

  • Assign and associate tasks to specific documents
  • Create custom document workflows to manage the document lifecycles
  • Use full-text search functionality to quickly access what you need
  • Manage version-control as documents are passed from colleague to colleague for review, amendments and approvals
  • Provide electronic signatures using digital signature tools such as DocuSign
  • Scan documents directly into THESIS to digitise your business
  • Preview documents with Microsoft Office Web Apps
  • Automatically attach documents from email through Microsoft Outlook integration

What do our customers say:

“The business had never used an ECM system before and therefore didn’t have a process for managing documents. THESIS ECM automated document flow, managed instructions and tasks from management, managed confidential information sensitively and allowed document exchange across the many subsidiaries of ROSGEO,” highlighted Alexey Petrov of Rosgeo.

Take a look at how THESIS’ document management features can help with your specific industry below:

Document management for legal Document management for Insurance Document management for Oil & Gas

Some examples of the THESIS interface

An example of main page within THESIS An example of document section within THESIS

To find out more about how THESIS can help your organisation to manage your documents, get in touch with one of our team.