Additional THESIS Features

THESIS has a wide and varied range of features designed to enhance the usability of the system and streamline business processes.

Features include:

  • Email notifications and the ability to open tasks within email
  • Autonomous notification system which includes personal notification settings, and notifications via text message
  • Ability to re-assign tasks and documents to one or several users
  • Full text search
  • Ability to manage and apply task and document types
  • Personal settings for display of task lists, document lists and reports
  • Ability to create custom task and document templates
  • Version control for tasks and attachments
  • Ability to create a new task or document based on an email from MS Outlook
  • Ability to show tasks in priority order in MS Outlook
  • QR-codes assigned to documents for quick search purposes
  • Import of business process models from Business Studio in XPDL
  • Creating and customising reports using Reports wizard
  • Support for multi-server architecture
  • Organising meetings (preparation, agenda review, users invitation, taking meeting minutes)
  • Workflow diagrams and visuals available
Email notification showing new tasks within THESIS


1C integration

THESIS integrates with a range of third-party applications to streamline data flow between different areas of your businesses. Avoid double entry of data, save time and reduce cost by using either pre-built or custom integrations for ERP, CRM or Accounting platforms.

Key data can be linked to:

  • Contractors
  • Individual and corporate accounts
  • Banks and their locations
  • Currencies


Mobile version

The mobile-friendly version of THESIS allows users to access their documents and tasks from any device. THESIS is available on various devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops. All aspects of the interface are adapted to touchscreen and use built-in sensor keyboards.

Mobile version features:

  • User-friendly app interface with specifically adapted features for portable devices
  • Runs on iOS and Android and supports all major web-browsers

To simplify the app and interface, users only see the parts of the system that they use. This means that users can quickly and easily identify and access all relevant information.


THESIS being used on a tablet device Mobile-version of THESIS