1 Business Process Management & Automation
Optimise day-to-day tasks and processes such as HR onboarding, contract approval and purchase orders.
2 Document Management System
Managing documents and tracking changes has never been as quick, simple and efficient.
3 Task Management
Effectively collaborate with user-friendly task management and workflows.
4 Meetings
Schedule upcoming meetings, assign tasks and monitor progress using the Meetings functionality in THESIS.
5 Additional THESIS Features
Learn more about additional features here.


To find out a bit more about what you can do with THESIS, take a look at our videos below.

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Technological advantages

THESIS is built on Haulmont Technology’s CUBA Platform, a high-level open source Java web framework for enterprise applications. The platform is the result of over ten years of enterprise software development and use of industry-leading open source technologies.

Cross-platform software

Support for all common operating and database systems including Windows, Linux, Mac, Oracle and Microsoft SQL

Java-based open code

Allows your IT team to customise the system and develop additional features


Upgrade to new versions of the system without losing existing modifications and settings

Integration with external applications and systems

Integrations with ERP systems, CRMs, accounting systems, portals, plugins for MS Office, Open Office and OCR capabilities from ABBYY

Flexible architecture

Works on distributed servers or in a cluster

Localisation support

Multi-language interface, supporting localisation and global character sets


Java programming language

THESIS is built on Java technology which means that it is easy to integrate with other applications and customise the system if required.


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