Rosgeo is the largest geological exploration company in Russia. Founded in 2011, Rosgeo operates in 40 different regions across Russia and provides a range of exploration services from regional surveys to drilling and subsoil monitoring. The company works on a global scale delivering projects across Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America.



Rosgeo didn’t have a specific workflow and process in place for managing commercially sensitive documents. The business kept hard copies of most of these documents. The goal was to digitise this information, create automated processes to increase efficiency and improve security. The solution also needed to be flexible enough to adapt to ever-changing business needs and support the rapid growth of the organisation.

Alexey Petrov, IT Director at Rosgeo explained some of the reasons for implementing an ECM solution. These included:

  • Standardising the process of managing documents
  • Increasing visibility across the organisation
  • Enabling managers to proactively work with their teams to improve performance
  • Making it easier to search documents and collaborate with colleagues across files
  • Managing tasks efficiently
  • Managing confidential information securely and compliantly

Rosgeo put their requirements out to tender and Haulmont won the contract to implement THESIS. Rosgeo were particularly impressed with:

  • THESIS’ flexibility and ability to scale up as organisations grow
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • THESIS’ support for various time zones (as Rosgeo spans several time zones across Russia)
  • Ability to configure the system to suit individual business needs or even commission business specific customisations

Solution & Results

Rosgeo were assigned a Project Manager from THESIS who worked with the business to review their processes and configure THESIS to manage these effectively. The implementation was then divided into two stages: phase one involved rolling out THESIS in Rosgeo’s head office and making sure that the system worked how the business wanted it to in that specific environment. Phase two replicated this across all other office locations.

Ilya Gumenchuk, THESIS Sales Manager remarked, “I saw ROSGEO as a new and fast-growing organisation. The business had never used an ECM system before and therefore didn’t have a process for managing documents. It was up to us to help them to find a way of decreasing their workload using THESIS.”

As staff became more accustomed to using THESIS, they wanted to use it to make more and more processes streamlined and efficient. Using the business processes modelling tool in THESIS, Haulmont developers were able to create two workflows for document management: one process for documents requiring approval and one for internal company documents that do not need to be signed off.


During month one, Rosgeo recorded 800 tasks and 1700 documents within THESIS, of which 100 were processed. Documents were separated into internal and external to improve compliance procedures and protect confidential information.

Within the first few months of using THESIS, all processes and documents had been digitised rather than paper-based. This has allowed the business to streamline workflows and improve communication across different business units and office locations.