Version 4.2.4 of THESIS released

In June, we released the latest version of our ECM solution, THESIS. The key improvement in the new version is the launch of a new mobile app. Other changes include compatibility with Oracle Database.

The THESIS mobile app has been developed with React Native framework which allows for adaptations to different interactive elements to comply with various operating systems such as Android and iOS. It is available in both Google Play and the App Store. The app has been built to be easily scalable and adaptive in conjunction with the core system of THESIS and any ongoing modifications to this which may be made.

Users can manage documents and tasks and add, download and review attachments through the mobile app. The interface displayed will only contain relevant information for each individual user such as their tasks and actions waiting for their approval. Additionally, the mobile app works offline to facilitate flexible working. When a user re-connects to the internet, the app will synchronise with the server.  

The mobile licence is equipped with various security tools such as secure data transmission, delineation of access right to the system, user identification and optional PIN codes.

In addition to the app modifications and compatibility with Oracle Database, other updates to the new version include bug fixes, code refactoring, and UI and UX design improvements.

The next major release of THESIS is due in Autumn 2018.