UK risks lagging behind other G7 countries when it comes to automation

A cross-party alliance of MPs on the business, energy and industrial strategy committee (BEIS) has criticised the government for not doing enough to encourage businesses to invest in automation and boost productivity.

According to the influential group of MPs, the UK is lagging behind other G7 countries since the government cut support for businesses and failed to encourage investment.

The committee has highlighted that automation is on its way and that the UK needs to act now to ensure it doesn’t fall behind other countries.

Why is automation important in organisations?

Reduce operational costs

  • Automation can significantly reduce costs by reducing time spent on internal and external processes, increasing efficiency and freeing up resource hours to spend on revenue increasing tasks

Deliver superior customer service

  • By speeding up business processes, businesses will improve customer service, reduce communication lag and provide frictionless customer experience

Increase employee morale

  • By reducing the time your staff need to spend on repetitive admin tasks, businesses decrease their workloads and free up time to spend on fulfilling and productive work

Better management of compliance and governance

  • Automated processes reduce human touch-points and therefore the risk of error

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