THESIS team exhibits in Almaty, Kazakhstan

On 19th March, business leaders across Kazakhstan were invited to a business breakfast in Almaty to discuss document management trends and related IT security challenges.

Haulmont hosted the event in partnership with Doctor Web, an anti-virus security company based in Almaty.

Senior managers from a range of sectors including IT, Law and Finance attended the event. THESIS’ Sales Director, Aleksandr Nazarov, opened the event with a short presentation discussing the merits of content management platforms and things to consider when evaluating different vendors. This was followed by a discussion on using THESIS to solve common business problems and automating non-standard processes.  

Delegates listened to presentations from two existing THESIS customers: National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asian Electric Power Corporation.  

Makpal Suienisheva from the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan talked about managing documents and document flow in THESIS. The National Library implemented THESIS over seven years ago as part of a wider government programme to digitise state institutions.

Suienisheva explained that since introducing THESIS, the organisation has been able to reduce time spent on routine admin tasks and improve communication between different library departments. The document storage functionality in THESIS means that files can be stored and searched for by name, number, keyword, content or date.

Irina Sergeeva from the Central Asian Electric Power Corporation spoke to delegates about how the corporation has used THESIS to automate business processes throughout the company’s holding structure. The organisation also uses THESIS to automate purchasing, account creation for new users and some personnel processes. The organisation has seen a 20-50% increase in efficiency as documents can be processed much more quickly with THESIS.

Delegates had the opportunity to ask the speakers specific questions about their experiences using THESIS to find out more about how the solution could help their respective organisations.