THESIS proven to withstand 20,000 concurrent users

Haulmont Technology is consistently developing THESIS to improve our content services and business process management offering to clients. Frequent system development and updates mean we also continue to monitor the robustness of our platform.

The THESIS R&D team recently carried out a stress test to evaluate the number of users that THESIS can withstand on one instance. We are delighted to see the platform can perform optimally with 20,000 users working in the system simultaneously.

Fault tolerance is key for a high-performing content management system as users depend on the reliability of the system for critical business information. Content Service Platform users seek to optimise business processes, increase efficiency between departments/remote locations and improve collaboration; if the platform can’t manage the demand of thousands of simultaneous users then this can cause significant problems and data lag.

THESIS has been tested to run with up to 20,000 users at any given time which far exceeds the needs of most organisations. During the tests, we modelled a working environment of a large organisation using the system for document approvals and the average response time did not exceed 3.5 seconds.

Our testing was performed using open source software (Ubuntu Server, PostgreSQL 10). To find out more information about this test or about how THESIS could help your business, get in touch with our team on 020 3214 5110 or email