THESIS exhibits at online Digital Transformation Conference - 3rd and 4th June 2020

The Digital Transformation Conference is returning in an online format this week. The event is an opportunity for businesses looking to develop their digital strategies to hear from leaders in the field, gaining insight into what makes a successful digital transformation project.

It is often found that digital transformation can be left by the wayside; businesses can lack the strategy or inside knowledge to truly implement plans, there can be issues with legacy systems and migration or even cultural resistance to change. These factors combined mean that organisations can often leave digital transformation as a ‘parked’ project to re-visit at a later date.

Covid-19 has changed this. Now more than ever, businesses need to focus on digital transformation. Tech-led businesses can harness technology to reduce operational inefficiencies, increase organisation transparency, foster effective collaborative working and make informed business decisions. A strategy which puts technology and data at the heart of an organisation means that organisations can benefit from integrated data systems, streamlined workflows and an increased bottom line.

It is a difficult and uncertain time for many businesses but those who use technology to be better than the competition have the strongest chance of success.

Join us at this year’s Digital Transformation eConference, where Sid Shepherd from THESIS will be presenting on Technology in the Post-Covid World.

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See you there!