THESIS to exhibit at the Data Management Summit in London

The Data Management Summit is a London-based event which explores how financial institutions can use data management strategies to meet regulatory and compliance expectations, enhance operational efficiencies and increase transparency to deliver on business outcomes.

The event includes a series of seminars which look at proactive data management in the face of changing industry regulation, new customer expectations and aligning these issues with overall business growth and the bottom line.

THESIS ECM is a document management and business process automation tool which is being used by multinational companies including large financial organisations to manage data in a more transparent way. THESIS stores data in one system and uses API technologies to seamlessly integrate with other web-based systems within an organisation to bring all critical information into one single window.

The business process automation features mean this data can then be managed and routine processes can be automated out-of-the-box, or using the ‘Workflow Designer’ module, templates can be created to automate more complex workflows.

If you’re attending the Data Management Summit, then visit THESIS to see how we might be able to help your organisation. Register here:

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