THESIS’ annual Summer Forum goes off with a bang!

In August we held our Summer Forum for THESIS customers. This is an annual event in which THESIS customers are invited to spend the weekend with the THESIS development team to discuss the latest trends in automation technology and other areas of interest with the product team.

This year’s forum took place in Tolyatti at a hotel resort with stunning view of the Volga River and forests in the Samara region. Delegates from a range of companies including customers and government representatives could enjoy the beautiful scenery and setting of the event.

The theme this year was customer experience using THESIS. Customers that have rolled out THESIS were invited to talk about various projects they are implementing to expand the use of THESIS across their organisations to improve efficiency and business processes. The event featured a customer panel discussion in which well-known brands including Roche and Eurocement Group discussed the role of THESIS in their respective organisations.

Hearing how existing customers are using THESIS was beneficial to newer users of the platform including British American Tobacco in Russia. Their Project Manager, Ksenia Ovsyannikova, noted, “We are just starting our THESIS implementation so it was interesting to find out more about other customers and how they are using the system. We also had the chance to get to know the THESIS product team so there was a good mix of business and more informal networking. The main takeaway was that THESIS is so customisable – all customers noted that after launching the system, development continues and new processes and functions can be continuously added to the system as business needs change.”

THESIS is built on Haulmont Technology’s CUBA Platform which is an open source Java framework. The THESIS team updated customers on plans for the CUBA product and how these plans would help in the continued development of THESIS.

Aleksey Butskikh, Business Partner at Roche remarked that, “the staff at Haulmont are very personable – with events like the Summer Forum, we get to build a relationship to help our professional working relationship.”

In addition to the professional benefits of the event, customers ended the weekend with a tour of the sights in Samara and a visit to Stalin’s bunker!