RECS 2018: learning more about the latest trends in ECM

The Russian Enterprise Content Summit (RECS 2018) took place in Moscow recently. The conference is one of the major ECM events in Russia in which vendors, senior managers and financial/law specialists gather to discuss the latest trends in document management and digitisation.  

Most modern ECM platforms will enable businesses to manage key workflows and processes. Companies that are already using ECM systems to manage documents and tasks are now looking to utilise new technologies to get more out of their systems. As flexible and remote working becomes more and more commonplace, the ability to access documents easily whilst on the go is increasingly important.   

At the conference, the rise of mobile apps in the ECM sphere was discussed as a tool to facilitate easier access to documents. The THESIS mobile app was released in July 2018 and this is something that we are continuously iterating based on customer feedback to provide the best workflows and user experience. At RECs, delegates were given the opportunity to test the new app and give feedback.  

“It is important that the app is user-friendly and intuitive. The THESIS app is built on the React Native framework which allows us to develop cross-platform software for iOS and Android. THESIS ECM app has similar functionality to the desktop and web client and users can scroll and perform other actions in the same way that they would with other apps. Users can manage documents and tasks offline and the system will save and synchronise with your server later on. We also offer different secure login methods such as PIN, TouchID and soon we will also have FaceID” explained THESIS ECM Product Manager, Ilya Zaychikov.

Evgenia Bulakh, head of Information Systems at Eurocement Group, also delivered a seminar discussing how Eurocement replaced their legacy ECM system with THESIS. The platform was implemented across the business with all data being migrated across from the legacy system. Eurocement has approximately 3200 employees using THESIS on a daily basis and the business has been able to use the platform to automate several bespoke contract confirmation processes, saving admin time for staff.  

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