New product updates in latest THESIS release

As a business Haulmont is committed to delivering technology that is continuously iterated and improved to help our clients stay ahead of their competition. We release updates to all of our products throughout the year at no additional charge to customers. In the past year, we have delivered nearly 900 new features and improvements including over 300 iterations to the mobile app alone.

Customers received a new THESIS release in October which contains many improvements and new features which are based on customer feedback and requests. This release has focused on improvements to the mobile app. THESIS’ mobile app allows users to access, edit and approve documents on the go. In the latest release, functionality has been added to allow the app to recognise and highlight duplicate records so users do not double up on information. The user can either update existing information or register a new contact and delete the previous record – all within the app. Additionally, users can now import documents from file storage into THESIS via the app.

The release also includes updates to backend functionality including the ability to add new admin functions such as specific instructions and manuals for different users.

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