Managing procurement and purchase orders with THESIS

In recent times businesses have had to adapt very quickly to complete remote working. Although many will already have some sort of flexible working mechanism in place, this is quite different from working from home 100% of the time and applying this to the office in its entirety. Businesses that will weather this storm need to be able to operate with minimal business disruption. Some even argue that Covid-19 could result in a complete shift in attitudes and patterns of working, with companies forced to embrace more and more remote working as employees may not want to return to the o­ffice full-time.

For organisations which do not offer remote working as standard, this overnight change to business practice has highlighted some process issues. One example relates to procurement, purchase orders and how to ensure that these can be managed efficiently outside of a traditional office environment.

Often, purchase orders will be handled by a procurement department and transferred to a centrally managed finance team in which all stakeholders are working in the same location, making it easy to clarify any issues and process orders quickly.

Remote working has highlighted that organisations using physical paperwork and manual, laborious processes are at a disadvantage.

Many of our customers are using THESIS to process purchase orders and ensure efficient and accurate management of the entire lifecycle of that document, ensuring business continuity and minimising business disruption.

Various stakeholders can be based in different locations, and the process will still run smoothly. Deadlines and prompt notifications can be utilised to automatically forward requests to another colleague, for example, if a colleague in finance is too busy, the task can be automatically sent to an alternative approver to quickly identify and reduce bottlenecks.

Key takeaways on using THESIS to manage processes:

  • Allow your staff work anywhere without reducing efficiencies
  • Reduce wasted admin time and automate routine business processes to increase productivity
  • Identify bottlenecks and automatically speed up the time take to complete tasks

To find out more about how THESIS can support your business during this difficult time, including licence fee deferments, contact us on or call 020 3214 5110.