How can THESIS support organisations to work remotely?

Following on from the UK Government's latest advice, most businesses will be asking staff to work from home wherever possible. Many organisations that don't normally offer flexible working practices will not have the IT infrastructure in place to implement this quickly. 

The question arises: how can businesses continue normal operations with minimal disruption whilst maintaining good business process and compliance?

It is important for employees to be able to access relevant data and documents from their homes, but also, for managers to be able to oversee daily operations to maintain business standards.

THESIS is an enterprise content management system which can help. Businesses across the globe are using THESIS to:

  • Store data in a central repository to ensure it is easily accessible for all
  • Access data anywhere through a cloud-based system
  • Ensure regulatory and compliance standards are upheld through secure servers and password admin rights
  • Increase visibility for managers through audit logs which allow stakeholders to track what’s going on in their business without needing to be onsite

To support organisations suffering from Covid-19 disruption, we are offering a 2 for 1 deal on all THESIS licences for a limited period only*. To find out more or schedule a demo with one of our system experts, contact us on 0203 992 8356 or email

*T&Cs apply. Please ask for more information.