Haulmont organises ‘Modern Document Management’ event to promote THESIS

Haulmont’s ‘Modern Document Management’ event took place on 24th October in Saint Petersburg. The event provided an opportunity for businesses to learn about the latest trends in the ECM market and how businesses are using ECM platforms to streamline business processes.

Alexander Nazarov, THESIS ECM Sales Director, exhibited to share his knowledge and experience regarding the key factors for customers when considering which ECM platform and provider to use.

Buyers are no longer looking for a simple document management system; there is now a number of other needs and requirements to consider. It is important to consider a platform’s compatibility with different operating systems, database management systems and ability to integrate with third-party applications such as ERP systems or accounting software.

Secondly, customers are looking for solutions which facilitate flexible and remote working so ECM platforms that are accessible through a web client or mobile application are preferable. Additionally, some customers are attracted to open-source solutions as they provide maximum flexibility and the opportunity to develop customised add-ons in-house as well if desired.

Delegates were invited to take part in a practical workshop which looked at solving different business tasks using THESIS. This included learning how to automate processes in the system, how to communicate between different subsidiary companies and handle work requests from their clients.

Delegates also heard from existing THESIS clients who spoke about their experience using the platform and how it has helped them. Vladimir Arapov, Director at 585 Gold discussed efficiency savings that the company has made since implementing THESIS. Through streamlining business processes, document approvals have been sped up by 25% and the flow of information between suppliers and partners has become much easier to manage.

Constantine Balakhinskiy, Head of IT at Eltechnika also commented on how THESIS has improved collaboration between different departments and facilitated better document management across the organisation.

To find out more about how THESIS could help your organisation, contact us on 020 3214 5110 or email thesis-ecm@haulmont.com.