Haulmont exhibits THESIS at ‘ECM Day’ Conference in Moscow

The ‘ECM Day’ conference, organised by TAdviser, took place in March. TAdviser is a well-known Russian organisation which promotes business automation.

The conference discussed common business issues around the subject of ECM such as procurement, industry trends in business process automation and innovative ECM solutions.

Alexander Nazarov, THESIS Sales Director in Russia, delivered a presentation explaining the successful implementation of THESIS at Moscow Research and Production Complex Avionika.

Evgeny Ivanov, IT Director at Avionika also discussed the rollout of THESIS at his organisation in 2017. Ivanov explained that the successful implementation of THESIS at other similar sized clients was a key factor in the evaluation process when choosing a new ECM system for Avionika. Prior to launching THESIS all document workflows within the business were paper-based, leading to difficulty searching for and storing documents. During the implementation of THESIS, a single electronic space for document storage was created with mandatory recording of incoming and outgoing documents. This made it much easier for staff to search for documents, resulting in less time wasted and business efficiency increasing. The business is now looking forward to transitioning to the latest version of THESIS which will include records management auditing.

Positive feedback from clients and prospective clients at the conference validated that THESIS is a market-leading ECM system at the forefront of innovation in the industry and highly configurable to meet complex customer needs.