Five reasons why your organisation should implement an ECM system

As organisations grow, business processes and procedures can become outdated, inefficient and in need of modernisation. Implementing an ECM system can bring a wide range of benefits including:

  • Ensure regulatory compliance
    A well managed Enterprise Content Management platform dramatically reduces the burden of managing audits and inspections for regulatory compliance. For regulated industries such as finance, insurance and food manufacturing, any delay in the access of documents could mean regulators shutting down the business and thus causing lost revenue. By implementing the right ECM solution, businesses can define preset periods for which documents are kept, ensuring that documents are not kept for longer than necessary.

  • Document version control
    Imagine a scenario where your legal, sales or marketing teams are all working from different versions of the same document. Staff productivity is reduced by the time spent searching for those documents on network file-shares and having to distribute them via email or worse, USB drives. By using an ECM solution, organisations can centralise version and revision control, ensuring all users have access to the most up to date version of important business documents wherever they are.

  • Secure document storage and retrieval
    Documents can take many forms; applications, letters, contracts, memos and reminders. Storing paper documents securely and being able to quickly retrieve them is a common problem throughout many organisations and any breaks in the information chain cause delays and impacts on customer service. Implementing an ECM platform manages the entire document lifecycle electronically from creation, storage, search and destruction, whilst retaining the storage of vital information electronically. An ECM solution brings clarity to a world of disorganised and inefficient paper trails and allows for easy tracking across the business.

  • Streamline business processes
    Existing business processes which may have been in place for years, could be slowing your business down, creating bottlenecks and impacting customer service. Consider the impact of individuals in a business being overloaded with a backlog of work and nobody being informed of this. Or, where different versions of documents are being emailed to multiple employees with no real visibility across the organisation. An ECM solution will integrate in to business applications such as ERP, CRM or accounting systems to ensure processes are efficient, lean and streamlined. Free up time to allow high value employees to focus on high value tasks rather than low value, repetitive ones.

  • Increase employee productivity
    In today’s modern world of remote, home and office working you should no longer have employees pushing paper or distributing documents by post. Gone are the days where porters are hired specifically to distribute documents across departments via trolleys or carts. By implementing an ECM system, the same documents can be scanned at source, stored and distributed electronically without any need for human intervention, reducing time wasted on administration and freeing up employees’ time to focus on generating revenue for your business.

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