Central Asian Electric Power Corporation (CAEPC) implements THESIS to streamline and automate business processes

CAEPC is the largest electricity company in Kazakhstan with power lines covering 50,000km, servicing approximately two million customers and supported by more than 10,000 staff.

The company approached THESIS for help automating business processes. The business needed a reliable and scalable platform that could be tested with a couple of initial key processes, and if successful, rolled out across the organisation to support and automate many more business processes.

CAEPC wanted employees to be able to work remotely from an app and needed the solution to be suitable in terms of total cost of ownership of the solution (TCO) and the implementation process. Taking these factors into consideration, THESIS was the best choice for the business.  

One automated workflow was implemented into one of CAEPC’s companies to test the functionality of the system and get staff used to working on a new platform. The THESIS team acted as consultants during this process to ensure a successful rollout which was then replicated across various other workflows and processes within the business. Following on from this, CAEPC decided to implement THESIS as their primary document solution across the entire business.

THESIS is now being used by the business for a variety of tasks including: automating the process of connecting to power grids, procurement automation, standardising document templates and integration with other key systems in the business (such as accounting systems).

Implementing THESIS has also meant that there is now a single, central repository of documents and information which can be accessed by CAEPC companies regardless of their location. The platform now has 3000 active users, over 800 simultaneous connections and approximately 1700 incoming and outgoing documents being managed on a daily basis.

This has facilitated a much easier way of managing the volume of paperwork being processed in the organisation, minimised the risk of loss and reduced the amount of paper being used. Staff can now process documents much more quickly, approving them 20-50% faster on average.

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