THESIS for the Oil & Gas Industry

THESIS can support organisations within the energy sector to maintain compliance in accordance with local and national regulations whilst increasing operational efficiencies, expediting processes and reducing costs. Businesses using THESIS can mitigate risks, control project lifecycles and streamline mission-critical processes to enable staff to focus on what really matters.

Ensuring regulatory compliance

Due to heavy regulation within the Oil and Gas industry, a large amount of documentation is required and managing this paperwork effectively can be difficult. Mitigating risks requires careful planning, rapid communication and the right technical integration with associated systems to comply with industry regulation. THESIS allows your organisation to adapt to the constantly changing regulatory frameworks, allowing for effective management of documents. Document management facilitates easier audits, ensures compliance and reduces the risk of costly legal battles.

Automating processes and increasing efficiencies

With oil prices unpredictable, operational efficiencies are vital to ensure your organisation is achieving its maximum potential for your bottom line. Demands from customers and regulators are constantly changing and it is imperative that your organisation is able to adapt to those demands without being left behind. Automated processes and centralised document management is crucial in managing your plants, installations, refineries and other assets. Information needs to be accessible throughout departments in a controlled and regulated manner to ensure that key stakeholders are able to make informed and timely decisions.

Maximising information flow with easy integration

Accessing disparate systems across your enterprise slows down productivity as it increases inefficiencies across your business. Having to access filing cabinets, file shares, accounting or CRM systems to make decisions causes bottlenecks in your organisation and slows down your ability to service customers. With THESIS’ open platform, you can integrate with almost any system including ERP, Accounting and CRM systems to provide a secure and centralised document repository. This makes search and retrieval easier, quicker and more efficient.

Why use THESIS ECM for your organisation?

  • Deliver excellent customer service by responding to and servicing requests more quickly and more efficiently
  • Reduce risk and ensure compliance with local, national and international regulations
  • Improve staff productivity, allowing users to do more with less
  • Increase your bottom line by reducing wasted man hours associated with paper-based processes



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