THESIS for Insurance

The pace of change in the insurance market is rapid. With consumers able to change policies as quickly and easily as a few mouse clicks, it is now more important than ever to offer efficient service and excellent customer experience. By digitising document driven processes throughout the customer journey, your business can focus on delivering excellent customer service and keeping policyholders renewing year after year.

Application Processing

THESIS allows your business to quickly and efficiently manage the applications process, whether through paper, internet or mobile. Capture data quickly through multiple channels and minimise the need for data entry. This will allow your business to reduce turnaround times for customers and minimise any delays in passing data over to your underwriting teams.


With THESIS, you can write business more quickly and more efficiently than ever before. Ensure compliance with full auditing tools and timestamped history of events. Allow underwriters to have access to all relevant documentation with a few clicks instead of having to search through folders or email attachments. Your staff can use the power of automation to free up time to focus on more complex risks and process simple policies quickly.

Claims Processing

A quick and efficient claims management process can mean the difference between a customer renewing or not renewing their policy with your business. Using a document management system such as THESIS which handles claim documents in multiple formats expedites the time taken from claim submission through to close. Where you need to send information to third parties or external agencies, THESIS can guarantee secure and compliant access to those documents.