THESIS for Financial Services

The new challenge for Financial Services is providing an elite and superior customer experience to stay ahead of the competition. Many organisations can be hindered from making significant progress due to a lack of up-to-date infrastructure and technology. A combination of legacy systems, outdated infrastructure, disparate departmental systems and tight regulation can make it difficult for organisations to be agile.

THESIS integrates with your existing systems and offers flexible implementation options to ensure a smooth transition to digital. Empower business users to create, edit and implement content controls, workflows and processes quickly and efficiently via an easy to use web interface. 

Key challenges in the industry

  • Wealth management, banks, building societies and insurers all have something in common – they all produce a lot of paper and documents. How do can you manage and store these documents?
  • How do you access critical business information information quickly and easily?
  • How can organisations ensure that documents are stored securely and compliantly?

With THESIS you can benefit from:

A central, digital repository of information

Which can be integrated with your other business systems to ensure easy access to documents across the business.

Improved client on-boarding process

Use automated workflows to track client enquiries, applications and documents easily from conception through to completion.

More efficient client management

Clients won’t need to repeatedly fill out forms as all information will be stored in one easy to access location.

Access anywhere and on any device

Facilitate easy collaboration across different departments to ensure that your staff have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Security and compliance

Ensure that your organisation is adhering to the relevant industry compliance standards through our secure platform which keeps a record of all versioning.

Customer success stories: