THESIS for Financial Services

The financial services industry has seen unprecedented levels of change in recent years including increased regulation, compliance objectives and new customer expectations. The FinTech industry has exploded with new digital challengers winning business through innovative customer experiences.

The challenge for legacy institutions is to digitise and harness technology to align with new patterns of consumer behaviour whilst maintaining good business practice to ensure regulatory and compliance obligations are not forgotten.

For more established organisations, the legacy of often prohibitive out of date technology with siloed systems can seem daunting. How do organisations access the data required from various sources to provide modern customer experiences without failing to meet other regulatory objectives which can result in punitive fines?

THESIS ECM can help

Meeting industry-standard security and compliance obligations
  • Increase transparency through full audit logs which allow any document or workflow changes to be traced
  • Full version-control tracking
Keeping your customers happy
  • Store data in a single repository to break downs silos of information and facilitate easier access to critical documents
  • Improve client onboarding processes through automated business processes from conception to completion
Improving efficiency to make your business more competitive
  • Bring data into one single window through API integrations with your other systems to make it easier for staff to access relevant information
  • Automate routine business processes to reduce wasted admin time with clients realising up to 80% time savings
  • Access anywhere and on any device to improve collaboration across teams in various locations

Customer success stories: