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Разработчик СЭД

THESIS ECM is developed by Haulmont Technology. Based in London, with over 280 developers and engineers in Samara, Russia, Haulmont specialises in delivering enterprise software that enables clients to automate business processes and scale rapidly. All software solutions are built on the proprietary Java-based CUBA development platform.

The development team at Haulmont is experienced in designing and delivering a variety of software solutions including dynamic scheduling systems, mobile workforce solutions and dispatch systems for taxi businesses. Haulmont delivers solutions to automate complex business processes, enabling clients to streamline operations and grow their businesses. The team remains actively involved with all clients on an ongoing basis to fine-tune their systems and supporting them in delivering business growth.

Haulmont has been recognised as a leading software business in the National Business Awards and IT Industry Awards. Since 2015 the company has also been listed in the top 100 largest Russian IT companies. Haulmont is also a member of the Association of Software Developers (ARPP); THESIS and the CUBA Platform are included in the association’s software catalogue.

THESIS is currently being used by over 400 enterprise customers including the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Russian Platinum and ROSGEO.


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