Document management and task management

Digitise your business through configurable smart business process automation

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THESIS — everything you need from an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system

  • Scalable solution designed for medium to large organisations
  • Automate business processes including document management and task management
  • Access your data on the go with the mobile-friendly version of THESIS
  • Create custom workflow rules to securely and compliantly manage data
  • Streamline processes to increase efficiency, productivity and transparency
  • Use dashboards and overview screen to maintain a high-level view of your team


Out of the box solution

We provide a simple and transparent licensing model which means that all core functionality is available in an out of the box solution

Access content from anywhere in the world

Feature-rich web access allows you to access your data on the go from any device

Minimal deployment time

Quick implementation with little disruption to business as usual

Flexible integrations

Simple and straight-forward integrations with common business applications


Customisable user interface to allow for quick user adoption

Automate business processes

Routine business processes can be fully automated, increasing productivity and helping to improve your bottom line

Enterprise level platform

Built on CUBA platform: a high-level open source Java web framework allowing for flexible and scalable development

Multi-functional platform

A single platform which combines document storage, workflow and task management

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Our customers

THESIS was seamlessly installed on the company’s hardware and employees were eager to start using the system to increase productivity and efficiency within the business.

Bryce Mildon

TAB Bank

The business had never used an ECM system before and therefore didn’t have a process for managing documents. THESIS ECM automated document flow, managed instructions and tasks from management, managed confidential information sensitively and allowed document exchange across the many subsidiaries of ROSGEO.

Alexey Petrov


THESIS allowed us to save money as the implementation didn’t require expensive development work or configuration. The system also significantly improved system maintenance for the IT department.

Sergey Bychkov

Russian Platinum

We were sure that THESIS would be reliable as a prototype had been tested and used effectively for nearly four years across three company departments. Additionally, I found the Haulmont development team to be efficient, knowledgeable and very experienced in implementing large-scale solutions to both the Russian and European markets.

Dmitry Mayorov


  • Why do businesses use document management systems?

    As businesses grow in size, it can become increasingly difficult to manage business processes, documents and workflow and collaborate across different departments or multiple office sites.

    Many organisations are introducing document management and enterprise content management (ECM) systems as a way of streamlining business processes, securely and compliantly managing data and reducing time spent on inefficient manual processes.

    Document workflow can be fully automated within ECM systems to reduce the labour intensity of routine tasks and optimise internal processes.

    In addition, document management systems allow senior management within an organisation to clearly view data and tasks being completed by their team. Processes are more transparent and senior managers have a clearer view of their departments as a whole. This means that managers only need to focus on outstanding tasks rather than get caught up in the day to day running of the department.

    As modern document management and ECM systems continue to evolve, their functionalities continue to develop and expand as well.

    THESIS ECM supports document management including version control and collaboration tools to work effectively across different offices. All tasks and workflow processes can be managed within one system which integrates with a range of third party applications including CRM and accounting systems to ensure that your staff maximise their productivity and increase your bottom line.

    THESIS is a robust and scalable solution which has been built on agile architecture to ensure the platform is flexible enough to suit the needs of your business. It has feature-rich web access and a mobile application so users can access on the go. Implementation is quick and easy so you don’t need to worry about downtime to your business.